Learning Pods

A minimum of two students for two hours

$ 50 00
per hour
  • Each additional child is $10/hour (2 hour minimum)

It is  advantageous to both you the parents and EG Tutoring to book in family groups or learning pods.

Individual Rates

A minimum of two hours per booking

$ 65 00
for the first hour
  • $55.00 per succesive hour

Cancellation Policy

Notice of a cancellation required 24 hours in advance for both Learning Pod, Individual bookings or the instructor. Make-up lessons will be arranged at a day and time that is convenient for both the instructor and the student ( and parents).

Please Note

Make-up times will only proceed when both parties ( instructor and student’s family grouping) are healthy and COVID 19 symptom-free.

If any ONE of the students in a Learning Pod and/or their family members is exhibiting any of the standard COVID 19 symptoms then the entire session will be cancelled for all students. The location of the Learning Pod will/can be changed in order for lessons to continue. Once everyone at the original location is healthy we may then return to the original host home for lessons.

During these very volatile times, where the situation may change within a short time-frame, we all need to be patient and accommodating for all parties concerned.