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I'm Eva Grieco. Nice to meet you!

I value each and every student and while I have 30 years of teaching experience, each student comes to me with their own unique skill set, life experiences and challenges which deserve my expertise to provide an individualized learning programme that will make YOUR child succeed.

Why You Should Choose EG Tutoring

What sets EG Tutoring Apart?

Extending or Replacing Class

We are living, working and teaching in very uncertain times. COVID-19 has required us to be very fluid and adaptable. Your child’s classroom or entire school could be shut down with little notice and for an indefinite time.

When you have registered with EG Tutoring and your child/children are studying with me in a pre-established learning pod, the volatility of what is happening in the school system does not affect your child’s learning.

I am either replacing your child’s classroom instruction ( in the case of a full shut-down) or teaching subjects that the classroom teacher might not be able to fit into the limited on-line learning environment.

You can depend on EG Tutoring to provide consistency for your child and calm and peace of mind for you, knowing your child’s learning continues uninterrupted regardless of what is happening at the school system level.

Bridge Gaps

When schools shut down in March, 2020 learning ground to a standstill.

The majority of students missed out on three months of day-to-day classes. This huge interruption caused a LARGE gap in your child’s learning base.

If these gaps in curriculum are not bridged your child will only get further and further behind.

By working with you, the parent, current and past teachers that your child had, we will together give your child the solid, educational foundation they need to move forward in their studies and to succeed now and in the future.

Additional Instruction

As an experienced teacher I know how busy a classroom can get and how hard it is sometimes to meet every learner’s needs.

Sometimes a child does not get the individualized attention they need and deserve. If they do not get their learning needs met they not only fall further behind, but also, get discouraged and frustrated.

With EG Tutoring, your child will get an individualized learning programme based on diagnostics performed before instruction begins. EG Tutoring will provide additional instruction in a caring, supportive learning environment that not only improves your child’s grades but also, gives them the support and confidence they need to excel now and in the future.

How Learning Pods Work

A private learning pod is where there are a small group of students being taught at a private home.

This micro-school has around five to eight students, who are close in learning age, and they study the required Ontario curriculum together.

This could mean every day for two hours, three times a week for two to three hours or as negotiated between EG Tutoring and a group of parents.

This setting also encourages a much needed social aspect for learners of all ages during these social isolating times. It also inspires peer interaction and discovery learning.


Learning pods make sense over a conventional classroom because we are limiting the number of students that come in contact with each other and therefore, limiting the exposure to the coronavirus.

We become our own “family bubble”!

We will follow mutually agreed upon rules for our “mini-school pod” which includes sanitization rules, mask wearing rules, contact lists and alternate plans for instruction should someone feel unwell.

Police check of staff available upon request.


EG Tutoring provides you with tutoring services in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.

You will benefit from an OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) certified, expert teacher tutor. Our service provides a home tutor near you.

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